• How to Sell Without Selling In Every Blog Post

      We all know blogging is an important part of online marketing. To succeed online today requires as many landing pages as possible, each ranking for different search terms related to the specific niche your site covers. The problem is a lot of businesses forget that people view marketing content different than other content. A su ...

      Neil Patel/ The Daily Eggin Content How To's- 39 readers -
    • The 8 Questions Every Website Visitor Wants Answered in 10 Seconds

      Did you know that 55 percent of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website? Regardless of your industry, product, service, etc., you’re dealing with an extremely small window of time before your visitors bolt. First impressions are huge, and studies have shown that the first 10 seconds are crucial for your visitors’ deci ...

      Neil Patel/ The Daily Egg- 24 readers -
  • How To Easily Put A Form On Your Website

    Contact Forms. Everyone wants them on their website. It seems like quite a standard component that anybody should know about like the back of their hand. But it’s not true. Time and again I run into people who are pulling their hair out trying to get a simple contact form (or any type of form ...

    The Daily Egg- 11 readers -
  • Hack Your Thank You Page: 5 Ideas for Driving Even More Conversions

    When it comes to on-site optimization, landing pages, product pages and checkout pages receive the most attention. However, there is one page that a lot of marketers forget about: the thank you page. If you’re unaware, the thank you page is shown to users immediately after they’ve completed an interaction with yo ...

    The Daily Egg- 13 readers -
  • Infographic: Seven Salient (and Strange) Email Marketing Insights

    When it comes to ecommerce, email marketing is one of the most powerful tools to increase conversions, meaning more sales and more subscriptions. Today we’ll go over an insightful infographic found here that has a few important points which may be hard to understand at first glance, and a couple of points I find contention with. Be sure to re ...

    The Daily Eggin EMail- 16 readers -
  • Why Are We So Afraid To Speak To Our Customers?

    Often in business we get too bogged down by the numbers and forget the actual value of speaking with our customers and prospects. I’m not just talking about sending the quarterly customer satisfaction survey, I’m talking about undertaking full qualitative user testing and research to fully understand your customers. Since 2003, businesses ...

    The Daily Egg- 14 readers -
  • What You Need to Know About Visual Perception and Website Design

    There’s no lack of data to suggest how visual-oriented we are as humans. For instance, “90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000x faster in the brain than text.” Or this: “65 percent of people are visual learners, and one of the best ways to drive messages home is through visual cont ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 18 readers -
  • An Animated Infographic on How to Build Successful Sales Funnel

    So you’ve started a business, and you’re trying to make sure everything goes perfectly. This obviously means you’ll want to be prepared to drive sales on your website so you can generate revenue. And for this, you’re going to need an effective sales funnel that will lay out a strategy for attracting, engaging, and converting your au ...

    The Daily Eggin How To's- 16 readers -
  • Let’s Dispel Two Myths About Blog Posting Frequency & Word Count

    Watch this video: Moz’s Whiteboard Friday – The Perfect Blog Post Length and Publishing Frequency is B?!!$#÷x Information has been floating around for a while that suggests you will rank better in search engines and / or get more traffic if you: Blogging more frequently Writing longer blog posts (higher word counts) While we’ve n ...

    Sean Work/ The Daily Egg- 15 readers -
  • The Crazy Egg Guide to Landing Page Optimization

    When it comes to increasing conversion rates, few strategies are more effective than the implementation of landing pages. Yet, these crucial linchpins to the optimization process are often rushed or overlooked completely in the grand scheme of marketing. Here at Crazy Egg, we believe it’s past time to give these hard-working ...

    Sherice Jacob/ The Daily Egg- 23 readers -
  • Why You Should Have A Local Content Marketing Strategy

    You’ve probably heard time and time again that content marketing is important in growing your business’s online presence. When done correctly, it can increase brand awareness, advocacy, and lead to more sales. The problem is many businesses are doing it wrong. Many business owners think they need to be creating X new pie ...

    The Daily Eggin Content- 18 readers -
  • Find Your Call-To-Acton Sweet Spot With Scrollmap

    Don’t know exactly where to put your CTA? Should it go up top? Or at the bottom? Is my web page too long? With Scrollmap not only can you determine the best length for your landing page to receive more conversions but you can also know exactly where to place your calls-to-action. Easy to Understan ...

    The Daily Egg- 15 readers -
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